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RV+ represents a renewal of the traditional concept of Business Consulting.


We want to innovate by being more complete, more modern and, above all, more useful and effective for companies and entrepreneurs:

  • Comprehensive support service.

  • Design of growth and expansion strategies.

  • Legal assistance and legal complement.

  • Generation of new business opportunities.

  • Support in solutions and market adjustments. 

We are not willing to offer services that do not advance at the same speed as the world is advancing. We want to lead a new ecosystem of business services.

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For many years, we have worked hard to connect society around commitments and values such as coexistence, union, modernity and progress.


We keep these values in our daily work in the business and private sector.

Therefore, RV+ is an instrument at the service of companies to grow by connecting people, ideas and projects through:

  • Reinforcement of the Institutional Relations of the company with other companies, organizations or Public Administrations.

  • Opening of new international markets, mainly in Latin American.

  • Assistance to establish international business projects in Spain.

We have the experience and knowledge of the social, business and institutional fabric in Spain and internationally, especially in Latin America.


This experience allows us to offer our clients the networking services they need to advance and grow their businesses.

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The future of any business project depends on taking advantage of present opportunities and the search and development of future opportunities.

At RV+ we work together with our clients to open new market niches. We are convinced of the possibilities of boosting economic sectors, generating business and wealth for hundreds of businesses and companies.

We offer strategic services in the following areas:

  • Support in the setting up of new business projects.

  • Access to business financing mechanisms.

  • Acquisition, merger and sale of companies.

  • Advice and support in real estate investments.

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Calle Serrano 43, 6 - Office 28, Madrid.
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